NTP Time Server and Synchronised Digital Clock Systems

Your resource for advanced NTP Time Server, PC Time Synchronisation and Digital Time Display solutions utilising MSF, DCF-77 and GPS technology.

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NTP Server - TimeTools SR Series

SR Series GPS / DCF-77 / MSF NTP Servers

TimeTools SR series of 1U high rack-mountable Linux-based true stratum 1 NTP Network Time Servers offer a real breakthrough in price and performance. Available with DCF-77, MSF and GPS hardware clocks and high stability backup oscillator options. Can accurately synchronise most operating systems and network infrastructure, including Windows, Linux, Unix, Novell, Servers, Workstations, digital clocks and Cisco routers.
Now with 5-year warranty.

NTP Time Server - TimeTools SC Series

SC Series GPS/DCF-77/MSF Compact NTP Servers

TimeTools SC series of compact Linux-based true stratum 1 NTP time servers are now available. Offering a real breakthrough in price and performance. Available with GPS, DCF-77 and MSF hardware clocks and high stability backup oscillator options. Can accurately synchronise most operating systems and provide a Master Clock reference for our range of NTP synchronised time displays.
Now with 5-year warranty.

NTP Analog and Digital Wall Clocks

Ethernet Synchronised Wall Clocks

TimeTools Ethernet NTP synchronised digital and analog wall clock systems provide an accurate synchronised time display throughout any organization. The wall clocks accurately synchronise time to a Master Clock using SNTP over IP on an Ethernet network.


SR and SC Series NTP Network Time Servers Firmware Update – 1.0.007a 16-Oct-14.

To take advantage of new features, security updates and bug fixes, TimeTools recommends that customers regularly check that their SR and SC series network time servers firmware is up to date.

Get the latest version 1.0.007a 16-Oct-14.

MSF (UK) Radio Time Signal – Interruption of Service.

The 60 KHz MSF time and frequency radio signal transmitted from Anthorne, Cumbria (UK) will shortly be taken off-air for essential maintenance work. The signal will be turned off continuously from Monday 1 July 2013 until Friday 5 July 2013. The signal will then be off-air during the daytime period, between 8 AM and 6 PM (BST), from Saturday 6 July 2013 to Thursday 18 July 2013. More information on the interruption of service can be found at the National Physics Laboratory (NPL) MSF Outages web page.

We recommend that the MSF radio signal should only be used as a backup to other time sources, such as GPS, and should not be used as a sole source of time. NTP appliances that solely rely on the MSF signal may lose synchronisation during this period. In this instance, we recommend that NTP servers either use external internet time references during this period or preferably install a primary GPS antenna rather than rely entirely on the MSF signal.

TimeTools New Global Website.

TimeTools new global web site is now live. This will provide customers in many other countries greater access to our NTP Server and Ethernet clock products. See: www.TimeToolsGlobal.com.

New SR and SC Series LF\GPS NTP Time Servers

TimeTools new SR and SC series of rack-mountable and compact time servers are now being shipped. Offering a complete range of Linux-based true stratum 1 time references that provide a real breakthrough in price and performance.

The units can be provided with a range of reference clock options for true flexibility. High stability TCXO oscillator options can also be provided to increase holdover in the event of the loss of the primary reference clock.

Our confidence in the reliability of the new devices is reflected in the provision of an industry leading 5 year warranty.

UPDATE !!! The SR/SC series GPS time servers are now provided with a cutting-edge high-sensitivity GPS receiver that can often operate with an indoor located GPS antenna. Additionally, the new receivers can operate from a single satellite-in-view making operation from a window often possible. These features potentially provide a great saving on installation costs when compared to traditional roof-mounted GPS antennas. Of course, our GPS antennas are completely weather-proof and can still be roof-mounted, if required.

New SR9860D Stratum 1 NTP Server

The new SR9860D is now available with increased processing power and accuracy. Able to synchronise to within 1 usec UTC and serve in excess of 128,000 clients. Contact TimeTools for more details.


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