Catalogue – NTP Network Time Server


GPS Time Server For Accurate Network Synchronization

The global positioning system (GPS) can be used by GPS time servers as a source of very accurate time for the synchronization of computer networks. The GPS system has been in operation for a number of years. It is primarily used for positioning and marine navigation. However, it can also be used as a source of very accurate time.

GPS Clock System For Time Synchronization

The synchronization of computers in an organization can be of paramount importance. Additionally, in many environments a large wall mounted display of accurate time is also required.

NTP Clock Systems and Networked Time Displays

Organisations need an accurate display of time. Schools, Colleges and Universities need to ensure lessons start at the correct time. Also, Companies need to ensure that meetings commence at an agreed time. Many organisations also need to accurately log events. Hospitals may need to know exactly when a patient requires medicine or to log the time of events associated with patients.

The Importance of Time Synchronization of Networks

The synchronization of time on computers and networks is often vitally important. Without it, the time on individual computers will slowly drift away from each other at varying degrees until potentially each has a significantly different time. In systems that rely on ordered events occurring at specific times or logging of events, this can be a real problem. For instance, transactions generated by a computer with a system time slower than another computer may log a transaction as being received before the other computer even though it was generated after it.

T100: Cheap, Inexpensive Compact NTP Sever

TimeTools T100 NTP server is a low cost time reference for synchronising small and medium sized networks. It provides a highly cost effective solution for solving computer timing issues and time critical applications.

T500: GPS Referenced NTP Appliance with TCXO

TimeTools T500 is a stratum-1 GPS referenced NTP server appliance with an integrated high-stability TCXO oscillator. The device provides a highly accurate time reference for synchronising computer networks. The T500 features a high-quality 19” rack-mountable aluminium enclosure with a large 40 character by 2 line LCD display.

T300: GPS Time Sync Server

TimeTools T300 is a highly accurate GPS referenced network time server synchronising computer networks using the NTP or SNTP protocols. The T300 is housed in a high-quality aluminium enclosure that can be installed in a standard 19” rack. The device incorporates a large, bright 40 character by 2 line LCD display.

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