GPS Clock System For Time Synchronization

The synchronization of computers in an organization can be of paramount importance. Additionally, in many environments a large wall mounted display of accurate time is also required. A GPS clock system provides the ability to synchronize networks of computers and also provide accurate time to large digital and analog wall clocks.

The GPS system was introduced a number of years ago, primarily to provide global navigation and positioning. It is a satellite based system, maintained by the US Navy. GPS is a multi-satellite system, signals can be received in any location on the face of the Earth. In order to calculate accurate positioning information, the GPS system has to maintain a very accurate clock on each satellite. This clock can be used by timing equipment on Earth as a source of precise time. All that is required to obtain high precision timing signals is a relatively low-cost GPS referenced time server.

Network Timing and NTP

Network Time Protocol (NTP) is the standard means by which accurate time is disseminated around a network. A NTP server will typically receive time information from the GPS clock and distribute accurate time to network time clients. Typically, servers, workstations, network infrastructure and also clients such as telephone systems and CCTV systems can all access accurate time.

Networked GPS Clock using NTP or SNTP for time synchronisation

Accurate Time Displays

An accurate synchronized display of time is critical to the smooth running of many organisations. Ensuring that lessons or meetings start at the correct time or accurately logging events, an accurate synchronized time is importnant. Networked digital and analog wall clocks and time displays can access accurate time over an Ethernet network using NTP or SNTP to provide an accurate time display that can be traced back to GPS time.


NTP Analog and Digital Wall Clocks Synchronize To GPS Time


Related Products

TimeTools SR9750 is a Stratum 1 NTP time server that obtains and maintains a very accurate time reference using the GPS clock. The appliance receives very accurate time from the GPS system and using the NTP or SNTP protocols provides an accurate time reference for time clients. The device occupies minimal rack space by being enclosed in a 1U high, high-grade, quality aluminium enclosure. It also integrates a high-stability TCXO oscillator to provide enhanced holdover in the event of signal loss. The unit can easily synchronize network time clients to within a few milliseconds of the correct time. The unit has impecable greed credentials consuming only 5 watts. The quality and reliability of the appliance is further demonstrated by the provision of a 5-year warranty.

About Us

TimeTools is a leading manufacturer of GPS clock systems and network time appliances for synchronizing servers, workstations and other network devices. For more than a decade, TimeTools has been supplying high-quality, great value, timing equipment to large, high-profile, companies around the world.

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