GPS Over Optical Fiber Link

A GPS over fiber link system allows GPS signals to be transmitted with minimal losses over long cable distances. It provides a highly secure link between a GPS antenna and receiver. It is also resistant to noise, allowing an interference-free link through noisy environments. The technology transparently provides cross-site connection between a GPS antenna and receiver unit.


GPS Over Optical Fibre Link


Key Features

  • Minimal signal loss and degradation over very long cable runs up to 10km.
  • Provides a highly secure tamper-proof connection between antenna and receiver.
  • Interference free link through noisy environments, the optical signal is unaffected by electrical noise.
  • Flexible, small-diameter, lightweight optical fiber cable favourably with heavy, large diameter and inflexible low-loss coax cable.

Key Benefits

  • Lower cost of optical fiber cable compared with long cable runs of high quality low-loss coax.
  • Complete electrical isolation between antenna and receiver protects against lightning strikes and electrical surge


Model TF-800325PRO
Enclosure (RF to Fibre) Anodized Housing
Enclosure (Fibre to RF) 1U 19″ Rack-mountable
Frequency Band GPS L1 / L2
RF Connectors TNC
Optical Connectors FC/PC
Fibre Mode Single
PSU 85 – 264 VAC


TF-800327PRO IP65 Weather-Proof Cabinet For RF to Fibre Converter Module
TF-700241 100m Pre-Terminated Patch Cord Gl-3.0 Optical Fibre Armoured Cable
TF-700240 200m Pre-Terminated Patch Cord Gl-3.0 Optical Fibre Armoured Cable


Data Sheets

PDF GPS Over Optical Fibre Link Data Sheet (PDF, 276KB)



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