LF Radio Time Code Receiver

The MXS-01 LF Radio Time Code Receiver is an accurate radio time receiver for synchronising time on computers and computer networks.

It is available as 2 versions to receive either the MSF-60 (UK) or DCF-77 (Frankfurt, Germany) radio time signals. The antenna enclosure is rated for indoor or outdoor use, and can be located up to 100m from the host computer. The unit is cost-effective, yet highly reliable.

Drivers are available for all Microsoft Windows operating systems. Additionally, TrustTime NTP drivers can be used to turn any Windows machine into a stratum 1 NTP time server resource for your network. It can be used to synchronise the time on any NTP network client on a TCP/IP network to within a few milliseconds of the correct time.


Cost-effective, yet highly reliable time server.
Accurate to 1 millisecond (0.001 sec).
No batteries required.
On-screen signal strength and signal history for fine-tuning antenna location.
32 bit application for Microsoft Windows.
Provides stratum 1 NTP time server resource.
Requires a single serial RS232 port.


Provides accurate timing for any number of network time clients.
Reliable, accurate and secure timing resource, inside your firewall.
Ideal for transaction processing, time & attendance and access control applications.


Clock Accuracy 1 millisecond (0.001 sec)
Clock Dimensions 78x37x22 mm
Supplied Cable Length 5 meters
Maximum Cable Length 100 meters
PC Interface Requirements Serial (RS232) 9-pin ‘D’ type
Power Requirements approx 5mA @ 12V supplied by serial port

Product Codes and Options

Description Product Code
MXS-01 Clock                                         SR-MXS-01
100m Antenna Extension Cable     TMC-100


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