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TimeTools cannot be held responsible for the content or operation of the web-sites listed on this page. We list a selection of links hoping that you may find them useful.

If you wish to suggest a link for consideration for inclusion in our link pages, please feel free to do so. NTP Users and Project Members have access to the “NTP Web” section of the NTP TWiki. The “NTP Web” is intended to be a Knowledge Base that is created and maintained by members of the NTP community. This is the place for NTP Users and Project Members to share their hints, tips and tricks for using NTP. The NTP Project conducts Research and Development in NTP and produces the Official Reference Implementation of NTP along with the Implementation Documentation. Background information about NTP, along with briefings and a bibliography, are available at the Network Time Synchronization Project page. The Network Time Protocol (NTP) is widely used in the Internet to synchronize computer clocks to national standard time. The NTP architecture, protocol and algorithms have evolved well over two decades to the NTP Version 3 specification and implementations for Unix, VMS and Windows, as well as the NTP Version 4 implementation now being deployed. The architecture and security models provide for operation in point-to-point (uni-cast) and point-to-multipoint (multicast) modes, and include provisions for secure authentication using both symmetric key and public key cryptography. advise top managers, we administer networks and fix systems, create firewalls and work in the open source community.Have some useful and free NTP services.
 TimeTools SR Series GPS \ MSF \ DCF-77 NTP Network Time Servers (PPC). Ethernet Networked NTP Synchronised Wall Clocks and Time Displays (PPC)




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